Baheda Powder Benefits And Other Important Details

Baheda Powder Benefits

Baheda or you can say Bibhitaki is a classical Ayurveda ingredient that is extremely beneficial in relieving respiratory anomalies while balancing all the three doshas that are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha that nourishes the dhatus within the body, and baheda is famed as one of the trios of rejuvenating dry fruits that constitute the miraculous Triohala formulation.

The word Vibeetaki consists of two words in which ‘Vibheeta’ stands for ‘lack of fear’ and ‘ki; denotes the ‘fruit’. So the name symbolizes ‘the fruit which takes away the fear of diseases’ as it is deemed as the ultimate remedy for most health anomalies. Baheda plant is usually found in scattered forests, rain forests, sunny mountain slopes, monsoon forests, upper layer trees of stream valleys, and lower seasonal rain forests.

Baheda in Regional Languages


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In different parts of the world, Baheda is known by different names. The common names of Bhaeda include Thandri, Barro, Bedda Nut Tress, Thani, Bolsuiri, Beach Amond, Aging, Belleric, and Behere.

In the sub-continent of India, it is known as Bahirda, Bahera, Bhaira, Bhutvaas, Bohera, Kalk, Karshphal, Baheda, and Vibhitaka in Hindi.

In Tamil it is known as Thandri, Thandi, Thaanri, Tanri, Taanni, Vibidagam, Akkam, Kattilupa and Vibidagam.

In Telugu, it is known as Tani, Tadi, Karshaphalamu, Bhutavasamu.

In Malayalam it is known as Tusham, Thani, Taannikka, Tamarut and Adamarutha.

In Kannada, it is known as Thani, Thare, Santi, Tara Mara, Tare mara, Shanti Mara, and Tharo.

In Marathi it is known as Kalidruma, Beda, Berda, Behada, Beheda, Vehala, and Bibhitaka.

In Gujarati, it is known as Beda and Bahera.

In Bengali, it is known as Baheda, Bahera, and Bhayraa.

Baheda powder benefits for health

Baheda powder


Baheda or Bibhitaki is a wonderful herb that is effective for stomach ulcers. Several studies and research has shown that this fruit has some amazing anti-ulcer properties and it is also said that this might be due to the presence of compounds like Ellagic acid and Gallic acid in the fruit.

The Activity Of Antidepressant:

A mood disorder that can seriously affect the health is Depression, although there are several drugs available for treatment they can have their own side effects. So we suggest you look at healthier alternatives like plant products and Bhibhitaki is an excellent plant that may help you. The aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Baheda fruit have shown antidepressant-like effects when it was tested on mice. 

Relief From Respiratory And Gastrointestinal Problems:

For treatment of respiratory problems like asthma and several digestive problems Bhaeda is used as traditional medicine since ancient times. The crude extract from the Baheda fruit has shown an inhibitory effect on carbachol and K+ which includes contractions and shows protective nature against castor oil and carbachol-mediated bronchoconstriction including diarrhea in the tested animals.

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Prevent Metabolic Syndrome:

A condition characterized by increased blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and obesity that leads the risk of heart diseases and diabetes is Metabolic syndrome. Researchers as said after research that Baheda has some amazing medicinal properties that can be helpful in preventing metabolic syndrome.

Helps Keeping Liver Healthy:

The compounds present in Terminalia bellirica have a hepatoprotective nature according to the studies. The oral administration of Baheda extract has shown some positive effects on the lives by reducing lipid peroxidation, liver iron, liver fibrosis, serum enzymes, protein oxidation, and ferritin in a dose-dependent manner.


The study has shown the effect of Baheda extract on the immune system that the extract has stimulated macrophage phagocytosis.

The Activity Of Anti Diabetic:

Baheda has been revered for numerous health benefits and one of the most significant benefits is that it has the ability to reduce serum glucose levels in the body. The extract of the fruit has also exhibited an activity of anti-oxidant by preventing excessive free radical formation. It also has a protective nature in preventing diabetes mellitus and its complications.

Anti-Cancer Activity:

The research has shown that the extract of the baheda has a formulation that exhibits significant cytotoxicity on the tested cancer cell lines and therefore is known for its anti-cancer activity. And it is believed that cytotoxic effects on tumor cells.

Tonic For Hair:

The oil extracted from the seeds of Baheda is used as a hair tonic in Ayurveda to promote hair growth and it is even used for premature hair greying.

A Wound-Healing Nature:

One of the well-known properties of Baheda is its wound healing property that is used by tribal people in some regions of India and is considered a folk medicine that heals skin infections and external wounds. The ethanol extract of the fruit has significant activity in wound healing, when it is applied as an ointment it exhibits a significant wound contraction and closure ability along with increased tensile strength of the wound.

Property Of Anti-Microbial:

Baheda has a popular remedy for treating infections in folk medicines and in several studies it has shown that it has a potential for Anti-microbial activity which can significantly inhibit harmful microorganisms. The stem and leaf extracts of the fruit are also known to exhibit anti-microbial activity against gram-negative bacteria.

Baheda Uses

Baheda Uses
  • Baheda has the property of a natural laxative that is used in purgation therapy.
  • The potent anti-bacteria trait in the Baheda fruit is beneficial to combat various infections.
  • Baheda is rejuvenating and nourishing in nature which is beneficial for promoting hair growth and averts premature greying.
  • For clearing throat soreness, asthma, cough, and common cold this fruit is valuable. It eases the blocked phlegm and bleeding in the sputum.

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  • For reducing inflammation and swelling, Baheda seed oil paste is applied topically. For treating rheumatism Baheda is also effective.
  • Baheda fruit’s concoction is used to alleviate the loss of appetite, flatulence, piles, bloating, and other worm infestations. While the seed kernel’s decoction is helpful in easing excessive thirst and vomiting.
  • The potent aphrodisiac trait of Baheda fruit helps in improving reproductive health slowing down aging and enhancing overall health.
  • The 20-40% tannins which are imbued in Baheda fruit play a key role in healing wounds and speeding up the process of recovery.
  • To uplift immune responses and keep infections at bay the fruit extracts are used.

Side Effects Of Baheda

Although Baheda is considered a safe fruit to consume in measured quantities according to the instructions given by ayurvedic doctors or practitioners. The curna or baheda powder if taken in an excess amount can lead to constipation and dry skin. It is strictly objected that the powder should not be consumed during pregnancy or lactation period without consulting a doctor.


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