What is Computer Vision Syndrome? How long does it last?

computer vision syndrome

Sense of sight is a blessing which all of us seem to take for granted at some point or the other. As we are moving in to the future, our dependence on technology is continuously increasing. As a result the time we spend looking on our mobile phones, laptops and desktops have increased substantially. This time that we spend behind screens puts a lot of strain on our eyes and in the long run affects our vision and eye health. In this blog we’ll share simple home remedies for dry eyes with you. But before that let’s talk about what it’s and how it effects on our vision why is it called computer vision syndrome?

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain defines all of the eye problems that we deal with that is caused by the use of computer and mobile phones for a long time. 50%-90% who work on computers daily suffer from the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. It not only affects adults but also kids who spend a lot of time on mobile and tablet screens.

How does a screen affect your vision?

computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome is like other repetitive motion injuries that are work-related. Your eyes are affected by repetitive movement in the same direction for a long time period. The eyes have to continuously focus and refocus on the screen and other things which put a lot of damage on your eye muscles. Some of the reasons for computer vision syndrome are:

1) Bad posture and distance from the screen
2) Dark lighting
3) Glare from the screens
4) Not using anti-glare glasses while working on the screen
5) Age
6) Using incorrect power glasses

What are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome?

Your whole body is affected by CVS. You might suffer from headaches and back, neck and body aches, your eyes get dry and itchy, you feel a burning sensation and your eyes get tired. Your vision can also get blurry and become red and get watery. These symptoms persist as long as you are using the screen and once you give your eyes a break from the screen you will automatically feel your eyes at ease.

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How to deal with CVS(Computer Vision Syndrome)? How long does it last?

CVS(Computer Vision Syndrome) is not permanent. It may last from a few hours to few weeks but it is important that you do not ignore it if you feel any of the above mentioned symptoms. An ophthalmologist can give you a proper diagnosis and treatment guide for CVS(Computer Vision Syndrome). Medical prescriptions require you to buy anti-glare glasses but there are a few home remedies that you can fall back on if you want to monitor your eye health. Do not take the gift of vision for granted. We are going to talk about some simple home remedies for dry eyes which is one of the biggest symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. You can try the following things:

1) Reposition your system to a place where there is no glare on your screen. Always use your computer in a well-lit room.
2) You can rearrange the distance between your eye level and the screen. The ideal place for the screen is to be a little below your eye level and 20-28 inches away from your face.
3) Apply the 20-20-20 rule. This simple some remedy for dry eyes requires you to give your eyes a break every 20 minutes and look 20 feet away for 20 seconds to give your eyes a reprieve from the constant glare of the screen.
4) Adjust the font size so that you do not have focus on the screen too much to do your work.
5) Apply an anti-glare screen filter or matte filter on all your screens to protect your eyes.
6) Keep a humidifier near you to stop your eyes from drying.
7) Follow a healthy diet rich in Vitamin A to keep your eyes nourished. Eat cheese, eggs, oily fish and dairy products to provide proper nourishment to your eyes.
8) One of the simple home remedies for dry eyes includes eye exercises. You can try blinking slowly or rotating your eyes in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Other than that you can try the thumb concentration exercise which requires you to focus on your thumb and move the thumb back and forth. Place the base of your palms on your eyes as it has a cooling effect.
9) Do not use your mobile phone while on your break, try to go out and take a walk or engage in other activities.
10) Always sit at an arm’s length from your computer screen and keep your screen 10-15 degrees below eye level.

These are some of the simple home remedies for dry eyes that you can to keep your eyes healthy. Continuously get eye tests so that you can monitor your eye health. Computer vision syndrome is not a permanent ailment but it is important that you recognize and treat it as soon as possible because it might cause adverse damage in the long run.


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