Health Benefits Of Chyawanprash And Ayurvedic Supplement


Chyawanprash is around us for thousands of years. It is one of the most popular remedies in Ayurvedic medicine and is frequently taken as a dietary supplement in India. It is made up of nutrient-rich herbs and minerals in a super-concentrated blend. It is meant to restore the drain reserves of life force and to preserve the strength, vitality, and stains while stalling the course of aging.

Chyawanprash is formulated by processing 50 medicinal herbs and their extracts. The preparation of Chyawanprash involves preparing a decoction of herbs followed by the dried extract preparation, the addition of aromatic herb powders, and a subsequent mixture with honey. The finished product of Chyawanprash has a jam-like consistency which is sweet, sour, and spicy flavor. The scientific exploration of Chyawanprash is warranted to understand the therapeutic efficacy it has and the scattered information exploring the potential that Chyawanprash is available and there is a need to assemble it. Thus, an effort was made to compile the scattered information from the ancient ayurvedic texts and treatises.

Ingredients Of Chyawanprash

Ingredients Of Chyawanprash

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According to the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India in total, there are 44 standard herbs in Chyawanprash. They are mentioned with the scientific names and Sanskrit names that are determined for others.

  • Indian gooseberry (amalaki, amla)
  • Bengal quince root or stem bark (bilva) 
  • Arni (agnimantha) – root or stem bark
  • Indian trumpet root or stem bark (syonaka)
  • Patala (paral) – root or stem bark
  • Bala – root
  • Salaparni (sariva) – whole plant
  • Prsnipami – whole plant
  • Mudgaparni – root, whole plant
  • Musaparni – root, whole plant
  • Indian long pepper (pippali) – fruits
  • Small whole plant caltrops (svadamstra, gokshura, gokhru) 
  • Indian nightshade (brhati, vanavrintaki) – whole plant
  • Yellow berried whole plant nightshade (kantakari, chhoti kateri, kashtakari) 
  • Srni (karkatsinghi) – galls
  • Tamalaki (bhumyamalaki) – whole plant
  • Grapes (draksa) – fruits
  • Jivanti – root
  • Puskara (pushkarmool) – root
  • Agaru (agarashta) – heartwood
  • Chebulic myrobalan (haritaki, abhaya, harde) – fruits
  • Heartleaf moonseed (guduchi) – stem
  • Rddhi – root
  • Jivaka – leaves
  • Rsabhaka – leaves
  • Sati (kachur) – rhizomes
  • Nut grass (musta, nagarmotha) – root, trichomes
  • Spreading hogweed whole plant (punarnava, rakta punarnava) 
  • Meda – root, trichomes
  • Cardamom (ela, elaichi) – seeds
  • Sandalwood (chandana, svetacandana) – heartwood
  • Utpala – flowers
  • Wild yam (vidari, kanda) – root, trichomes
  • Malabar nut tree (vrsamula, vasaka) – root
  • Kakoli – root
  • Kakanasa (kakanasika) – fruits
  • Tugaksiri
  • Cinnamon (tvak and tegapatra) – bark, leaves
  • Iran wood tree (nagakesar) – stamen

Non-herbal ingredients of chyawanprash include

  • Ghee, or clarified butter (ghrta)
  • Sesame oil (taila)
  • Unrefined cane sugar (matsyandika)
  • Honey (madhu)

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Health Benefits of Chyawanprash

Health Benefits of Chyawanprash

Boost Health Immunity:

Chyawanprash is an Indian traditional bioactive health supplement and is one of the best medicine for enhancing immunity in the body. Chyawanprash has amla in it which is rich in Vitamin C that helps in boosting immunity. Alma also has an adaptogenic property that enables the body to adapt to stress and regulate immunity. It improves energy levels, immunity, and physical fitness in children who go to school. It increases the activity of several cells in the immune system.

Helps Prevent Seasonal Infections :

The sudden changes in season can cause infections in some people but taking Chyawanprash can help the body to fight viral and seasonal infections.

Enhance Digestive System :

The ingredients that are mentioned in Chyawanprash help to improve the digestive process. They help to relieve gas and regulate gastrointestinal functions. The property of carminative of this ayurvedic medicine helps prevent flatulence. By promoting digestion it can also help clear the accumulated excreta.

Fights Respiratory Issues :

The herbs that are present in this ancient formulation of Chyawanprash help people deal with long-term and chronic respiratory ailments.  It relieves cough, respiratory infections, and asthma.  It also helps in improving lung function and protects the body from infection and supports clear respiratory pathways.0

Purifies Blood :

People leading hectic life get less sleep or gorge on junk food on a frequent basis gets excess toxins in their bodies, when these toxins are stored in their bodies lead to the onset of several complications and ailments. In your body, they also hamper the natural blood purification process. 

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Sharpens Memory And Aids Brain Function :

Chyawanprash has an anti-amnesic activity that can help in treating amnesia. The antioxidant properties of Chyawanprash also have a beneficial effect on those who are going through Alzheimer’s disease. 

Promotes Healthy Weight Gain :

For better absorption of minerals like calcium eating Chyawanprash helps strengthen bones and improves muscle tone too. It also helps juveniles with healthy weight gain. Chyawanprash also helps promoting positive nitrogen balance and enhances serum protein levels in the body. 

Improves Heart Health : 

Chyawanprash also helps in reducing blood cholesterol levels. And the amla present in Chyawanprash has significant cholesterol-lowering effects too. Also, the sesame oil in Chyawanprash is said to possess antioxidant and hypocholesterolemic (mechanism reducing cholesterol levels) properties that help reduce cholesterol. The cholesterol-lowering properties of Chyawanprash could impact heart health. The black sesame oil in the Chyawanprash has a key role in protecting cardiovascular function and the amla that is present in Chyawanprash has the potential to prevent various cardiovascular diseases.

Offers Energy For Daily Chores :

With the workload, incessant multitasking, and tension, a lot of people feel a lack of energy in doing things, including their daily chores. Chyawanprash contains plenty of herbal extracts which provide your body with enough energy to sail through the daily chores without feeling tired or worn out.

Fights Tuberculosis :  

Intake of Chyawanprash along with conventional drugs reduces pulmonary tuberculosis symptoms. To prevent tissue damage in kidney and liver-related issues intake of Chyawanprash was found.

These are some ways of Chyawanprash that can help improve your health

Chyawanprash As An Ayurvedic Health Supplement

Chyawanprash As An Ayurvedic Health Supplement

Chyawanprash is an important and effective Ayurvedic health supplement which is well known for boosting immunity and treating various infections like cough and cold. It is a fruit jam-like tonic that tastes sweet, spicy, and sour. It is proved scientifically that Chyawanprash has therapeutic potential.

The word Chyawanprash is made up of ‘Chyawan’ which is the name of a sage and it also symbolizes degenerative change while ‘Prasha’ means a drug that can be consumed. The formulation of Chyawanprash was prepared as per the Indian traditional Ayurvedic recipe which is entered in the large-scale consumer market.


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