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Top 10 Home Remedies on How to Cure Fungal Infection on Skin Naturally

We live in a world full of micro-organisms around us. Some of these are good for us and keep us healthy and some can cause some serious problems. There are millions of fungi around us living in the dirt, on household surfaces and even on your skin. A fungal infection can cause redness, itching, swelling, blisters, irritation and scaly skin. If you’ve had an infection and are looking for how to cure fungal infection on skin naturally, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out easy Indian home remedy for skin allergy.

Causes of Fungal Infection

 Causes of Fungal Infection
  • If you have been living in an unclean environment and not maintaining personal hygiene, fungal infection can occur.
  • A hot and humid climate causing excessive sweating is another reason that can cause a fungal infection.
  • Wearing damp clothes or excessively tight clothes that cause sweating also leads to skin rashes and infection.
  • If you wear unclean socks or underwear for days, you might get a skin infection.
  • Many underlying diseases like diabetes and HIV can cause fungal infection.
  • The changes in the level of the hormones during pregnancy can cause vaginal infection.
  • Obesity is another risk factor that can cause infection. Moisture and sweat can get collected in the skin fold providing a breeding ground for fungus.

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Types of Fungal Infection

Types of Fungal Infection
  • Athlete’s Foot: This is the fungal infection of your foot. The fungus that causes it lives on the dead tissues of your toenails, hair and outer surface of your feet. The fungus grows in warm, moist places like shoes, socks, public pools and baths (like athletes). Many people who use public baths or swimming pools or wear unclean socks are at the risk of suffering from an athlete’s foot. Some of the symptoms of an athlete’s foot include – burning, itching, red and broken skin, dry, peeling and scaly skin.
  • Jock’s Itch: Another fungal infection known as Jock’s itch occurs in your private parts, inner things and butts. It happens mostly in the hot, humid and wet season. The fungus lives in the private parts, and excessive sweating during a hot climate causes them to grow if proper personal hygiene is not maintained. The symptoms of Jock’s itch include – redness of the groin, a red, circular rash that has edges. You might also feel itching, redness, or a burning sensation in the groin or inner thigh area.

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  • Ringworm: This is not a worm. The ringworm gets its name as the rash that is caused by this fungus looks like a worm curled around your skin. Along with scaly skin, red, circular sores occur where the edges appear to be raised and the skin in the middle is flat.
  • Yeast Infections: Caused by a fungus called cutaneous candidiasis, these infections occur in your groin area, around your mouth and your nails. Candida is the fungus that is responsible for causing diaper rash in infants. It grows in the skin folds that retain moisture and sweats, like the vagina and your armpits. People who are obese, have diabetes or are taking antibiotics are at higher risk of having a yeast infection. It is characterized by red rashes, pimple-like bumps, patches that ooze pus, burning and itching.

Top 10 Indian Home Remedies for Skin Allergy

Even though your doctor might prescribe antibiotics for you to get over the fungal infection, many natural ways can help reset your body and get rid of these funguses out of your system. Following are the ways about how to cure fungal infection on skin naturally.



Yoghurt is known as a natural probiotic that promotes the growth of good bacteria in your body. These good bacteria can help in stopping the growth of any fungus on your skin. If just taking yoghurt isn’t working, you can take probiotic supplements that are full of a concentrated dosage of probiotics to help you get rid of the skin allergy.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Packed with natural antifungal properties, apple cider vinegar is an ideal Indian home remedy for skin allergy. You can use apple cider vinegar in two forms – orally and topically.

  • Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in half a cup of warm water and drink it thrice daily.
  • Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 4 tablespoons of water and use cotton to dab it on the infected area. Repeat this process thrice a day to get rid of the infection.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

A natural herb to cure skin rashes and any skin related problem, Aloe Vera is a time-tested remedy for fungal infection. Take fresh aloe Vera gel and apply it to the infected area thrice a day. The Aloe Vera will not only fight fungus and keep your skin cool, it will also repair the skin and help you with burning and itching.



One of the most used antibacterial and anti-fungal herbs; Garlic is a common kitchen ingredient that can help you get rid of skin allergy.

  • Crush some garlic with olive oil to make a thick paste.
  • Apply this paste to the infected area and leave it on for 30 minutes.
  • Wash it off with cold water.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Another common kitchen staple, baking soda is a well-known home cure for athlete’s foot. Since this infection is caused by wearing damp, sweaty or unclean socks and shoes or being in a warm and moist area, applying baking soda to your feet and also keeping it inside your shoe can effectively absorb all the moisture and help you get rid of any infection-causing fungus. Repeat this process twice daily to see results.



This golden herb is known to have antifungal and antimicrobial properties and has been used to treat many injuries and rashes for ages. You can use turmeric as well in both topical and oral form for fungal infection.

  • Mix turmeric with water to make a thick paste and apply it to the infected area. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before washing it off with cold water. Repeat this process thrice daily to see the results.
  • To cleanse your body from inside, you can add turmeric to herbal tea or milk and consume it twice daily.

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Neem Leaves

Neem Leaves

Neem, just like turmeric, has been used as a magical herb to treat cuts and bruises because of its antimicrobial properties. To use it to treat fungal infection, follow these steps:

  • Boil neem leaves in water for 3-5 minutes.
  • Strain the water and separate the leaves.
  • Cool off the water and use it to wash the infected area twice daily.

Coconut Oil

Yes, the common coconut oil because of its cooling properties can act as an effective anti-fungal agent. Do not warm it up. Make sure you use cooled off coconut oil and apply it to the infected area twice or thrice a day.

Tea-Tree Oil

Tea-Tree Oil

Another effective Indian home remedy for skin allergy is using the natural anti-fungal tea-tree oil. You can mix a few drops with coconut or olive oil and dab it on the rashes two to four times a day.


Full of gingerols, the antifungal compound found in ginger, can help you get rid of bacterial and fungal infection. Just add garlic in your diet or increase its dosage and consume it as an herbal tea and see the difference.

Shalini Jatav
Shalini Jatav
Shalini Jatav is a health and wellness enthusiast and also communication professional from last over 10 years. She has completed Diploma in Fitness and & Wellness management from Delhi University. She has also worked for few years in IT and Marketing services.


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