Top 5 Indian Home Remedies for Acne Scars on Face


Acne is something that all of us have to deal with at some point in our lives. People who do not get acne are considered to be the privileged and blessed ones. And pimples have an eerie habit of appearing a day before an important event in your life. Dealing with acne is tough and at the same time, you have to deal with the acne scars that are left after the pimple has popped. Today we are going to talk about how to get rid of pimples quickly and how to deal with the aftermath with home remedies for acne scars. Let’s dive into the methods you can employ to get rid of acne scars:

Why you should opt for natural ingredients?

home remedies for acne scars

Your skin is delicate and needs nourishment and using home remedies for acne scars using natural ingredients is recommended. Ingredients like lemon, green tea and many more do not leave any side effects and because of lack of artificial chemicals, you are not harming your skin in any way.

Lemon: It is the star ingredient used in home remedies for acne scars. Cut a lemon in half and rub it directly on your pimple. You can also dilute it by mixing water in lemon juice and then applying it on the scar. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and this citrus fruit helps in drying the pimple and makes sure that the pimple does not leave a mark behind.

Green Tea: This is a method that not a lot of people know but it is one of the best hacks to get rid of pimples overnight. You can even use used green tea bags also for this process. Just take the used tea bags and put it on the spot. The calming effect of the green tea instantly soothes the inflammation of the skin and helps you get rid of the pimple. You can use loose tea leaves and dip in cool water and let it steep for 10 minutes. After that take a cotton pad and soak it in the green tea and then take the cotton pad and keep it on the pimple for 10 minutes. The anti-inflammatory property instantly calms your skin.

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Egg: Eggs are rich in proteins and can help you with skin problems. Use one portion of egg white and one portion of honey and apply it to your face. Leave it on your skin for 10-15 minutes and wash your face with cool water. It tightens the pores on your face and thus reduces the chance of your acne spreading. You can directly apply the egg to the after whisking it. It will leave your skin radiating and shining.

Tea tree oil: Treatment with this ingredient is one of the most effective home remedies for acne scars. It is an essential oil extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia; it is a small tree native to Australia. It helps you in fighting all sorts of bacterial infection. Continuous application also reduces the chances of acne coming back. Never apply it directly to your skin. You should never use any essential oil directly on your skin; you need to dilute it first. In order to apply tea tree oil, dilute it with water. Use one part tea tree oil with 9 parts of water. Using a cotton pad apply the mixture on the affected region and let it rest on your skin. After 10-15 minutes apply moisturiser if necessary. Tea tree oil is amazing for treating acne scars.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is laden with nutrients. It is a plant that can be found in almost all households and thus makes for a perfect home remedy for acne scars. Aloe Vera has a calming effect and soothes your skin. Cut off a leaf from the plant, cut it open and scoop out the gel. Apply the gel directly to your skin. Aloe Vera not only helps in treating acne but also it does wonders for your skin. Its medicinal properties know no bounds. If you do not have an Aloe Vera plant at home, then you can easily get Aloe Vera gel in the market.

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Is homeopathic treatment for acne the correct approach?

homeopathic treatment for acne

Homeopathy is a relatively modern medicine form and can be used to get rid of acne scars. It believes that the body can itself deal with its own issues and thus is based on the premise of using elements that are created by our body for treatment. The homeopathic treatment for acne requires you to take Calcarea sulphurica. You can also use calendula gel to get rid of skin infection that accompanies severe infection. Homeopathic treatment has an 80% success rate in treating acne and acne scars. Homeopathic treatment for acne can also treat chronic skin diseases. Though homeopathic treatment for acne does not help you get rid of pimples overnight, it keeps your skin healthy and makes sure that your acne does not return.

Why you should give exfoliation a try?


Exfoliating your skin regularly keeps your skin pores clean and reduces the chance of acne and breakouts. Exfoliating your skin greatly reduces the size of your pimple and makes it less visible. It removes the dead skin cells from the skin and keeps your skin clean. You can use scrubs from the market or use natural ingredients like sugar and gram flour mixture (besan) to exfoliate your skin. Mix sugar with coconut oil and use it to clean your skin. Rub this mixture on your skin in a circular motion and then clean your face with a mild face wash. It is one of the effective home remedies for acne scars.


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