Natural & Effective Home Remedies for Cold and Cough in Toddlers

Effective Home Remedies For Cold & Cough In Toddlers

Raising kids is one of the most difficult tasks in the world, especially during the first few months. You take all the precautions you can, yet even the slightest change in the weather can cause cold and cough to your baby. Before you panic, let us inform you that they will go through this phase as it is easier for them to catch infections because their immunity is still developing. Thus, when they are infected with cold or flu, make sure you sanitize their hands and clothes frequently.

If you are not inclined towards using over-the-counter medicines for your baby, ayurvedic home remedies to combat cold and cough in babies can come handy.

Home Remedies for Cold and Cough for Newborn Babies

Newborn Babies

1. Turmeric Paste

Turmeric is a well-known herb known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

  • Create a paste of turmeric with warm water.
  • Apply this paste to the chest, forehead and soles of the baby and let it stay for some time.
  • Remove the paste after a few minutes using a wet wipe or water.

The warmth from the paste will help in opening the nasal passage, diluting the mucus and allowing it to ooze out easily.

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2. Homemade Saline Drops

To loosen up the mucus inside the nose, your doctor may prescribe an over-the-counter nasal spray.

  • You can create your nasal drops at home by mixing half teaspoon of salt with 8-10 teaspoon of warm water.
  • Mix them well to create your saline nose solution.
  • While dropping the saline solution in the nostrils of the baby, make sure you keep his head tilted so that it doesn’t ooze out.
  • Repeat this twice or thrice a day.

3. Massage with Warm Mustard Oil

Massaging your little one with warm oil would help in getting rid of the cold.

  • Use one cup of mustard oil and warm it up a little. While doing so, add two cloves and a few seeds of kalonji.
  • Let the spices infuse well with the oil.
  • Use this warm mustard oil to gently massage the feet, palm, chest and back of the baby.
  • Wipe off excess oil with a muslin cloth or baby wipe.
  • Repeat the process 2-3 times a day before the baby goes to sleep.

The warmth from the oil and spices would help in opening the nasal passage.

Home Remedies for Babies 9 months and Above

9 month baby

1. Jaggery Water

  • Mix one teaspoon of jaggery in one cup of water with a pinch of cumin seeds and one-two black peppers.
  • Mix all the ingredients and let the water come to a boil.
  • Let the mixture cool down to the room temperature before straining it.
  • Give one or two teaspoons of this concoction to the baby.
  • Do not exceed this limit as both pepper and jaggery heat up the body from inside which would be unsuitable for young children.

2. Coconut Oil Massage

  • Take half a cup of coconut oil and mix it with the stem of betel plant, 2-3 Tulsi leaves and one pearl onion.
  • Boil all the ingredients together to prepare infused coconut oil for massage and let it cool down for a while.
  • Massage the feet, palms, chest and back of the baby with the oil.

3. Honey

Mixed with different kitchen spices, honey can be turned into an effective home remedy for cold and cough in babies. Do keep in mind that babies below the age of one year should not be given honey as their digestive system isn’t developed enough to digest the complex compounds of honey. Here are some home remedies for kids above one year that you can try.

  • Honey & Pepper: Take one teaspoon of honey and sprinkle some black pepper powder on it and let the baby consume this mixture.
  • Honey and Dry Ginger: Mix one teaspoon of honey with dry ginger powder or saunth and feed it to your baby at regular intervals.
  • Lemon and Honey: Take a teaspoon of honey in a small bowl or glass. Add a few drops of lemon to it and mix thoroughly. Feed this mixture thrice daily to your kid to see effective results.

4. Turmeric Milk

If your kid has dry cough then turmeric milk can do wonders for it. Add one teaspoon of Haldi to boiling milk and serve this nutritious combination to your kid before going to bed. Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and will help in fighting the bacteria inside.

5. Ajwain Tonic

  • Boil one teaspoon Ajwain seeds in one cup of water with 2-3 Tulsi leaves.
  • Let the mixture boil for a few minutes before removing it from the stove.
  • You should let the mixture cool down for a few minutes till it returns to a lukewarm temperature.
  • Strain the water and give 2 teaspoon water at regular intervals to your baby.

Some Dos and Don’ts

  • Do not neglect the cold and cough in your baby as it can turn into something serious like pneumonia.
  • If you see something serious like green mucus, consult your pediatrician immediately.
  • The home remedies that you are trying, make sure you are using age-appropriate remedies only.
  • Keep in mind the ingredients being used for the remedies are not the ones that the baby is allergic to.
  • Wash and sanitize your baby’s hand regularly.
  • Do not feed your baby any fluid that is colder than the room temperature.
  • Include foods like khichdi and soup to their diet as they would keep them warm and make them feel comfortable.
  • Make them gargle with warm, salted water twice or thrice day.


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