Chirata Benefits For Better Health

Chirata Benefits For Better Health

Let’s admit that many of us do not enjoy anything that tastes bitter. So chirata herb is something you will not enjoy eating or drinking for a matter of fact. But you should likely volunteer for it anyway as this magic herb owns numerous health benefits. In this flu season if you are looking to boost your immunity and the further seasons to come then you should incorporate this herb into your diet immediately. Read further to know more about the herb and chirata benefits.

About Chirata

Chirata is been used for medical purposes as it is believed that the herb contains a chemical that can help in reducing inflammation and possibly also can help in fighting malaria. If you are suffering from constipation, fever, xof appetite, an upset stomach, or even intestinal worms then you can add some chirata to your diet. While scientific evidence is needed but chirata can generally be considered to be safe if taken in the form of a beverage. As we know excessive use of anything can harm and is not advisable you must be careful of the quantity of chirata herb in your drink, and to add on to that excess of the herb can make your taste buds incredible bitter.

Chirata is scientifically known as or referred to as ‘Swertia Chirata’, ‘East Indian Balmony’, ‘Bitter Stick’, ‘Kirata’, ‘Chirayata’, ‘Kalmegh’ and many more other names. Chirata is a flowering plant that can grow up yo a height of 3 to 4 feet in the mountain regions of India and Bhutan. The taste of the herb is quite bitter and slightly pungent too.

Chirata : Nutritional Value

Chirata has several compounds in it that contribute to its value in medicine. The compounds included alkaloids, glycosides, and Xanthones. The herb also consists of ophelic acid, steric acid, chiratin, oleic acid, and palmitic acid. Chitara also has components that are present in it which are important like amarogenin, chiratol, and swertanone.

Uses of Chirata : Therapeutic

Uses of Chirata  Therapeutic

Chirata has been used in several ways for various therapeutic purposes by different native population groups. Chirata is used in Unani, Ayurveda, and Siddha in medicine form to cure various health conditions.

  • Chirata helps in maintaining normal blood sugar levels and is effective for treating diabetes.
  • It helps in the healing of wounds and best results for fast healing of wounds and cuts.
  • The herb contains a liver protecting property that eliminates toxins from the body that also facilitates the growth of new liver cells.
  • Chirata is also helpful in the treatment of asthma and it is good for you if you witness shortness of breath.
  • The root of the herbs is used in curing fever, asthma, pain, common cold, cough, and weakness.
  • Managing tuberculosis chirata is very effective.
  • To boost your appetite you can use Chirata.
  • In case of anemia, Chirata can be used to increase the count of red blood cells.
  • For treating high blood pressure and headaches the leaves and stems of chirata are soaked in water and made into a paste for curing it.
  • For treating malaria the whole chirata plant is boiled in water and made into a decoction.
  • For curing Scorpio bites, chirata can be used in conjunction with other herbal remedies.
  • The chirata herm pant is helpful in excessive vaginal discharge as well.

Chirata Benefits

Chirata Benefits

Chirata has a high medicinal value. It helps many in constipation, skin diseases, fever, cancer, and other ailments. The herb is been used as a bitter tonic. Its effectiveness is in malaria and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Digestion Benefits of Chirata

  • Chirata herb is helpful in various problems that are related to the digestive system like gas accumulation in the stomach, bloating, heartburn, gastritis, and stomach pain.
  • The laxative properties present in the plant is helpful in constipation ad is also effective in treating diarrhea.

Chirata Benefits for Fever

  • The plant helps in reducing body temperature in fever. It has Antipyretic and Analgesic properties.
  • The effect of Chirata as a medicine for fever is comparable to that of paracetamol.

Chirata Benefits for Skin

  • Skin diseases like eczema and acne can be treated with the paste of the Chirata plant.
  •  Decoction that is obtained from chirata can help in curing skin rashes.
  • The plant is effective in burning sensations, itchy skin, and dryness.
  • It is an effective remedy for blood purification by soaking the dried chirata overnight and drinking the water first thing in the morning.
  • It can also help you hey rid of inflamed skin.

Chirata Benefits Against Parasites

  • The anti-parasitic properties in the chirata help in eliminating helminths and other parasites. 
  • Chirata plant also helps eradicate flukes, tapeworms, and roundworms.
  • The herb can also relieve the symptoms associated with worm infections like liver diseases and diarrhea.

Use of Chirata and its Effectiveness

  • Cancer
  • Malaria
  • Fever
  • Constipation
  • Upset stomach
  • Skin disease
  • Loss of appetite
  • Other conditions.

Side-Effects of Chirata

Side-Effects of Chirata

Chirata is a plant that is extremely bitter and some people won’t be able to stand the bitterness of it which can cause vomit as an effect of it. While chirata works well for lower blood sugar but it should be kept in mind that the sugar level will not fall below the desired limit. And this will lead to hypoglycemia which will affect the health badly. You need to watch out for sudden numbness of hands and feet, dizziness after consuming chirata or its extract.

General FAQs:

Can chirata be taken daily?

Yes, Chirata can be consumed daily until the symptoms that you are consuming it disappear. 

What is chirata known as in English?

Bitterstick in English 

Is chirata and kalmegh same?



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