Health Benefits of Giloy

Health Benefits of Giloy

One of the three Amrit herbs of Ayurveda, also known as Amrita or Amritavalli, Giloy is the ‘root of immortality.’ It is an anti-oxidant, anti-toxic, antipyretic (fights fever), anti-inflammatory herb that is also known to boost immunity.

Scientifically called as Tinospora Cordifolia or Guduchi in Hindi, Giloy is known as a cure for several conditions ranging from various fevers to arthritis. Studies have shown that the stem of this herb is high in nutritional value and the roots as well as leaves have high alkaloids content and can be used to heal various Kapha and Vata doshas.

10 Health Benefits of Giloy

  1. Reduces Chronic Fever

As per Ayurveda, one falls prey to chronic or recurrent fever only due to two reasons – Ama, the toxic remains in your digestive system or via some other foreign particles in your body. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties, Giloy boosts your immunity as well as fights infections to bring down the fever. You can consume Giloy Kadha twice a day for early recovery.

2. Fights Dengue

Due to its antipyretic properties, Giloy is an excellent herb to fight dengue fever. It not only improves your immunity to fight the infection but also gives a boost to your platelets count. Regular intake of Giloy juice can lead to a road to a speedy recovery. For best results, you can mix Giloy juice with Tulsi leaves extract and consume it daily.

3. Reduces the Symptoms of Hay Fever

Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis is your body’s response towards an external environmental stimulus to that you are allergic. It can be dust, pollen, cat or dog hair or simply the change in season which increases some types of pollens in the air causing Hay Fever. The allergic response causes itchy and red eyes, sneezing or runny nose accompanied by fatigue and, sometimes, high temperature. Due to its antipyretic properties, Giloy helps in reducing the symptoms like runny nose and watering eyes. To reduce the symptoms of hay-fever, you can take half-teaspoon of Giloy powder with honey every day before having a meal.

4. Helps in Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Another health benefit of Giloy is that it is a magnificent herb to manage diabetes. Giloy is also known as ‘Madhunashini’ or the destroyer of sugar and helps in controlling your blood sugar levels by aiding insulin production in the body.

5. Boosts Immunity

Known for its high anti-inflammatory properties, Giloy gives a boost to your immunity by aiding the production of T-cells in the body. You can consume Giloy kadha twice every day to improve your body’s infection-fighting response. Read our quick and easy recipe to prepare Giloy Kadha for Immunity.

6. Improves Digestion

Giloy is known as a natural digestive cleanser. When consumed regularly, it can help you get rid of various digestive tract issues like indigestion, hyperacidity, diarrhoea and vomiting. You can take half-teaspoon of Giloy powder in one glass of lukewarm water daily in the morning to keep your digestive tract clean.

7. Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Adding to the long list of health benefits of Giloy is its calming effect on the body. This herb not only helps in the reduction of mental stress and anxiety, but it also helps in improving the cognitive functions of the brain.

8. Treats Arthritis and Gout

We all are aware of the unending chronic pain caused by arthritis and gout. To fight the same, you must include more anti-inflammatory herbs and foods in your diet that builds your body’s auto-response to pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of Giloy make it one of the most effective herbs in fighting chronic pain caused by arthritis. Take half-teaspoon of Giloy every day with milk to treat arthritis and gout pain. You can check our more ayurvedic home remedies to reduce arthritis pain here.

9. Improves Eye-Sight

Another important usage of Giloy in Panchkarma is to improve your eye-sight. You can apply the paste of Giloy leaves around your eyes to see an improvement in your vision and reduction in eye pain.

10. Detoxifies Your Body

With its high nutritional content in anti-oxidants, the consumption of Giloy on everyday basis helps in fighting the free radicals, thus detoxifying your body. The reduction in toxins is observed with improvement in your skin and hair quality as well.

How to Consume Giloy

These days, Giloy is readily available in various forms like capsule and powder in the market. You can utilize it in any form that is convenient for you.

How to Prepare Giloy Juice

  • You can chop the cleaned stems of Giloy and blend it with water into a smooth, thick paste. Sieve it to get the clear Giloy juice and consume it fresh in the morning.
  • If you do not have Giloy leaves and stems available, you can add Giloy powder to a glass of water and consume it.
  • Nowadays, Giloy juice is available in a pre-packaged form, and 10 to 15mL can be consumed daily to benefit from its medicinal properties.

The Bottom Line

Giloy is a versatile ayurvedic herb that can be used in treating various fevers and other conditions of the body. But make sure that you are consuming it in the right form and within the right dosage. If you have arthritis, please check with your physician before starting its daily dose. It is advisable for lactating mothers to not consume Giloy in any form.


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