Homemade Ayurvedic Kadha for Immunity


The Indian traditional kadha is something that we all have heard of from our dadis and nanis and they have always prescribed it to us whenever we fell sick. Made from herbs and spices commonly available in our kitchens, this homemade ayurvedic kadha might not just be a fluke. With spices like turmeric and ginger rich in antioxidant content, this kadha has surely been created with utmost precision to help you ward off seasonal infections like cold and flu.

And as we approach the seasonal change, it is time for you to open that spice box and start creating this easy homemade ayurvedic recipe for kadha to fight against cold and flu.


  • Cloves (Laung)
  • Black-Pepper Powder (Kaali Mirch Powder)
  • Finely Chopped Ginger (Kata hua Adrak)
  • Cinnamon (Dalchini)
  • Moti Elaichi (You can use green Elaichi if this is not available)
  • Turmeric (Haldi)
  • Basil Leaves (Tulsi Ke Patte)
  • Honey or Jaggery (Gud)


  • Take a pan and add cloves, black pepper powder, cinnamon, moti elaichi, tulsi leaves and turmeric to it. Roast these ingredients for a while.
  • Add a cup of water to the pan and bring it to boil.
  • Strain the boiled water in a cup/glass.
  • Add a few drops of honey or jaggery to the concoction and drink it.

You can drink this kadha or immunity-boosting tea every day till your symptoms for cold and flu alleviate. All the ingredients are rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger would help you in soothing the itchy throat and turmeric would boost your T-cells to fight the infection.

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